Final Project Report

by kevindimas on 8/07/2019
  1. Game Name: Where Is She?

Members: Kevin Dimas

Michael Berlian

Marcell Alvianto

  1. Screenshots


  1. How to Play

The game consists of three stages, an ice stage, a grass stage, and a dirt stage. In all of the stages, the player is required to complete a maze with a twist. The player has to find a secret object in order to unlock the exit, and only with that can the player proceed to the next stage.


  1. Player Controls
  • Arrow keys: Control the movement of the player.
  • Shift keys: Increase movement speed when pressed.
  • Mouse buttons: Select options in the menu screen.
  • Escape button to get back from a secondary menu.


  1. Contribution

I was responsible with coming up with the game idea and its story. The game is a maze game in which the player needs to complete all stages, and in the end stage, the player will be presented with a choice that they have to make. I was also in charge of the game’s graphics, such as the background, the character, walls that builds the maze, and also help creating the game itself.


  1. Things we made ourselves
  • Dialogue
  • Storyline
  • Buttons
  • Dialogue boxes
  • Character movement
  1. Sources

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